Contradictory Lawrence

The Life of D.H. Lawrence

by Keith Sagar

Mr. P, Mrs. V, and Mr. T

Thy Neighbor's Wife

by Gay Talese

The Powers of Sympathy

Part of Nature, Part of Us: Modern American Poets

by Helen Vendler

Harvard Guide to Contemporary American Writing

edited by Daniel Hoffman

Light and Lively

American Light: The Luminist Movement 1850-1875

edited by John Wilmerding

Nature and Culture: American Landscape and Painting 1825-1875

by Barbara Novak

The Monkey King

The Journey to the West Volumes 1 and 2

translated and edited by Anthony C. Yu

Who Am I Anyway?

Brainstorms: Philosophical Essays on Mind and Psychology

by Daniel C. Dennett

His Neighbor’s Wife

I Love: The Story of Vladimir Mayakovsky and Lili Brik

by Ann Charters and Samuel Charters

Brik and Mayakovsky

by Vahan D. Barooshian

Stranger than Nonfiction

Freddy's Book

by John Gardner

The Girl in a Swing

by Richard Adams

Low Marx

Main Currents of Marxism: Its Rise, Growth and Dissolution

by Leszek Kolakowski, translated by P.S. Falla

Plebes and Patricians

An Ungovernable People: The English and Their Law in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

edited by John Brewer, edited by John Styles

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