False Promises

Where I Was From

by Joan Didion

The Art of Disaster


by Robert Hughes



by Toni Morrison

Uncle Ben

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

by Walter Isaacson

Putin’s Trap

Violent Entrepreneurs: The Use of Force in the Making of Russian Capitalism

by Vadim Volkov

Across the Moscow River: The World Turned Upside Down

by Rodric Braithwaite

State and Evolution: Russia's Search for a Free Market

by Yegor Gaidar, translated from the Russian by Jane Ann Miller

The Strange Case of Robert Oppenheimer

Brotherhood of the Bomb: The Tangled Lives and Loyalties of Robert Oppenheimer, Ernest Lawrence, and Edward Teller

by Gregg Herken

Pandora's Keepers: Nine Men and the Atomic Bomb

by Brian VanDeMark

Young Old Soldiers

Poets of World War II

edited by Harvey Shapiro

The Way to Reason

Rationality and Freedom

by Amartya Sen

The Goblin at War

Hitler Strikes Poland: Blitzkrieg, Ideology, and Atrocity

by Alexander B. Rossino

Hitler's Arctic War: The German Campaigns in Norway, Finland,and the USSR, 1940–1945

by Chris Mann and Christer Jörgensen

Hitler and His Generals: Military Conferences, 1942–1945

edited by Helmut Heiber and David M. Glantz, with an introduction by Gerhard L. Weinberg; translated from the German by Roland Winter, Krista Smith, and Mary Beth Friedrich

Murder in Karachi

A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life and Death of My Husband, Danny Pearl

by Mariane Pearl, with Sarah Crichton

Who Killed Daniel Pearl?

by Bernard-Henri Lévy, translated from the French by James X. Mitchell

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