Making Order of the Breakdown

Elena Ferrante’s ‘The Lying Life of Adults’

The Lying Life of Adults

by Elena Ferrante, translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein

Ball Don’t Lie

Robert Scoop Jackson’s ‘The Game Is Not a Game: The Power, Protest, and Politics of American Sports’

The Game Is Not a Game: The Power, Protest, and Politics of American Sports

by Robert Scoop Jackson

Who Decides What’s Beautiful?

A History of Art History

by Christopher S. Wood

The Barbarian Invasions: A Genealogy of the History of Art

by Éric Michaud, translated from the French by Nicholas Huckle

Trumps on the Couch

‘Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man’ by Mary Trump

Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man

by Mary L. Trump

Lessons from the Worst Years of AIDS

Plague Years: A Doctor’s Journey Through the AIDS Crisis

by Ross A. Slotten

Night and Day

Democrats are gambling that abhorrence of Trump is sufficiently strong to motivate voters, and Biden and Harris can offer comfort and empathy instead.

Mourning in Place

It’s hard to figure out how to mourn during a pandemic. Our mourning rituals have all been disrupted or taken away.

Charm Defensive

Mike Nichols was charismatic, witty, invariably quotable. But do I feel I knew him? Not at all.

Life Isn’t Everything: Mike Nichols, as Remembered by 150 of His Closest Friends

by Ash Carter and Sam Kashner

The Duchess & the Jews

The Betrayal of the Duchess: The Scandal That Unmade the Bourbon Monarchy and Made France Modern

by Maurice Samuels

A Second Chance

A trial jury is like an audience at a play that wants to be entertained. Witnesses, like stage actors, have to play to that audience if their performances are to be convincing.

Eileen Gray’s Infinite Possibilities

Eileen Gray

an exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery, New York City, February 29–October 28, 2020. (The gallery is temporarily closed, and will reopen on October 13.)

Eileen Gray: Her Life and Work

by Peter Adam

Eileen Gray: E.1027, 1926–1929

by Wilfried Wang, Peter Adam, and others

Eileen Gray: A House Under the Sun

by Charlotte Malterre-Barthes and Zosia Dzierżawska

In Conversation with Eileen Gray

a documentary film by Michael Pitiot

Gray Matters

a documentary film by Marco Orsini

The Price of Desire

a film by Mary McGuckian

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Bliss in That Dawn

Radical Wordsworth: The Poet Who Changed the World

by Jonathan Bate

The Making of Poetry: Coleridge, the Wordsworths, and Their Year of Marvels

by Adam Nicolson, with woodcuts and paintings by Tom Hammick

William Wordsworth: A Life, Second Edition

by Stephen Gill

The Wages of Whiteness

Whiteness is a concept that can be made to serve many interests and positions, not all of them compatible.

What China Sounded Like

Listening to China: Sound and the Sino-Western Encounter, 1770–1839

by Thomas Irvine

‘Life Peeled of Its Skin’

Strange Hotel

by Eimear McBride

No Barbarians Necessary

The Tragedy of Empire: From Constantine to the Destruction of Roman Italy

by Michael Kulikowski

Escape from Rome: The Failure of Empire and the Road to Prosperity

by Walter Scheidel

King and Emperor: A New Life of Charlemagne

by Janet L. Nelson

Chekhov’s Laughter

Fifty-Two Stories: 1883–1898

by Anton Chekhov, translated from the Russian by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky


Inky Fingers: The Making of Books in Early Modern Europe

by Anthony Grafton

When Novels Were Books

by Jordan Alexander Stein

The Battle Over the Cuban Five

North of Havana: The Untold Story of Dirty Politics, Secret Diplomacy, and the Trial of the Cuban Five

by Martin Garbus

Can We Fix Capitalism?

Capitalism, Alone: The Future of the System That Rules the World

by Branko Milanovic

Back to the Drawing Board

Making Comics

by Lynda Barry

The Widows’ Laments

Until the Lions: Echoes from the Mahabharata

by Karthika Naïr

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