On the Draft

In Pursuit of Equity: Who Serves When Not All Serve? Service, Burke Marshall, Chairman Report of the President's National Advisory Commission on Selective

The Wrong Man in Uniform by Bruce K. Chapman

The Horror in Hogarth

Hogarth’s Graphic Works compiled and with a commentary by Ronald Paulson

The World of Hogarth: Lichtenberg’s Commentaries on Hogarth’s Engravings translated and with an Introduction by Innes Herdan and Gustav Herdan

Recent Fiction

American Strategy: A New Perspective by Urs Schwarz

Escalation and the Nuclear Option by Bernard Brodie

Arms and Influence by Thomas C. Schelling

On the Uses of Military Power in the Nuclear Age by Klaus Knorr

Brains on their Minds

Of Molecules and Men by Sir Francis Crick

The Biology of Ultimate Concern by Theodosius Dobzhansky

Human Evolution by Bernard Campbell

Picasso at Eighty-five

Picasso & Co. by Brassaï

Picasso at Work by Roland Penrose, with photographs by Edward Quinn

Success and Failure of Picasso by John Berger

Picasso, Shakespeare, Aragon

The Vikings

Land Under the Pole Star by Helge Ingstad, translated by Naomi Walford

The Vinland Sagas translated and with an Introduction by Magnus Magnusson and Hermann Palson

The Viking Explorers by Frederick J. Pohl

Viking Art by David M. Wilson and Ole Klindt-Jensen


Noel Annan (1916–2000) was a British military intelligence officer and scholar of European history. His works include Leslie Stephen and Our Age, Changing Enemies: The Defeat and Regeneration of Germany, and The Curious Strength of Positivism in English Political Thought.

Denis Donoghue is Emeritus University Professor of English and American Letters at NYU. (April 2016)

Elizabeth Hardwick (1916–2007) was born in Lexington, Kentucky, and educated at the University of Kentucky and Columbia University. A recipient of a Gold Medal from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, she is the author of three novels, a biography of Herman Melville, and four collections of essays. She was a co-founder and advisory editor of The New York Review of Books and contributed more than one hundred reviews, articles, reflections, and letters to the magazine. NYRB Classics publishes Sleepless Nights, a novel, and Seduction and Betrayal, a study of women in literature.

Francis Haskell (1928-2000) was an English art historian. His works include Patrons and Painters: Art and Society in Baroque Italyand History and its Images: Art and the Interpretation of the Past. Haskell taught at Oxford.

George Lichtheim (1912–1973) was a scholar of Marx and Marxism. Lichtheim was a regular contributor to The Review and a contributing editor of Commentary. His books include From Marx to Hegeland Europe in the Twentieth Century.

Hans J. Morgenthau (1904–1980) was a legal scholar and theorist of international relations. Educated in Germany and Switzerland, Morgenthau taught for many years at the University of Chicago; later in life, he moved to The New School and The City University of New York. His books include In Defense of The National Interest, Politics Among Nations, and The Purpose of American Politics.

John Richardson (1924–2019) was a curator, art historian, and author of a multivolume biography of Pablo Picasso.

Ronald Steel is Professor of International Relations at the University of Southern California, a recent fellow at the American Academy in Berlin, and the author of biographies of Walter Lippmann and Robert Kennedy.

Richard Wilbur’s book Mayflies: New Poems and Translations will be published in April. (November 2000)