See America First

Easy Rider directed by Dennis Hopper. Columbia Pictures

Alice’s Restaurant directed by Arthur Penn, produced by Hillard Elkins


The Bauhaus, Weimar, Dessau, Berlin, Chicago by Hans M. Wingler, translated by Wolfgang Jabs, translated by Basil Gilbert

Painting, Photography, Film by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, translated by Janet Seligman

Principles of Neo-Plastic Art by Theo Van Doesburg, translated by Janet Seligman, with an Introduction by Hans M. Wingler, Postscript by H.L.C. Jaffé

Graphic Work from the Bauhaus by Hans M. Wingler, translated by Gerald Onn

Painters of the Bauhaus by Eberhard Roters

Looking for the Ancien Régime

Paris in the Age of Absolutism by Orest Ranum

French Absolutism: The Crucial Phase 1620-1629 by A.D. Lublinskaya, translated by Brian Pearce, with a Foreword by J.H. Elliott

L’Ancien Régime Vol. 1, La Société by Pierre Goubert

A Good Trip

History of the Birds of the Cape Verde Islands by David Armitage Bannerman and W. Mary Bannerman, illustrated in color by D.M. Reid-Henry and P.A. Clancey

Hummingbirds and Their Flowers by Karen A. Grant and Verne Grant

Birds of the Eastern Forest
with paintings by J. Fenwick Lansdown, text by John A. Livingston