A Successful Alchemist

The Abyss

by Marguerite Yourcenar, translated in collaboration with the author by Grace Frick


An American Company: The Tragedy of United Fruit

by Thomas P. McCann, edited by Henry Scammell

Drums Under the Window

The Damnable Question

by George Dangerfield

Mother Ireland

by Edna O'Brien

Theatrical Sartre

Sartre on Theater

by Jean-Paul Sartre, compiled and edited by Michel Contat and Michel Rybalka

Old Campaigners

Sea Grapes

by Derek Walcott

Leaping Clear and Other Poems

by Irving Feldman

The Customs of the Country

The I.G. in Peking: Letters of Robert Hart, Chinese Maritime Customs, 1868-1907

edited by John King Fairbank and Katherine Frost Bruner and Elizabeth MacLeod Matheson, with an introduction by L.K. Little

Trumbull’s Klutzy Triumph

Trumbull: The Declaration of Independence

by Irma B. Jaffe

John Trumbull: Patriot-Artist of the American Revolution

by Irma B. Jaffe

Paul Revere's Boston: 1735-1818 Graphic Society

by Walter M. Whitehill

The Eye of Thomas Jefferson

edited by William Howard Adams

Maryland Heritage

edited by John B. Boles

French Painting 1774-1830: The Age of Revolution

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Which Side Was Clausewitz On?

Clausewitz and the State

by Peter Paret

The Paris Opéra in New York

The Marriage of Figaro

by Mozart, libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte, directed by Giorgio Strehler, designed by Ezio Frijerio, conducted by Georg Solti


by Verdi, libretto by Arrigo Boito, staged by Terry Hands, designed by Joseph Svoboda, conducted by Georg Solti


by Gounod, libretto by Barbier and Carré, staged by Jorge Lavelli, designed by Max Bignen, conducted by Michel Plasson

The Mystery of Jean Bodin

Colloquium of the Seven about Secrets of the Sublime (Colloquium Heptaplomeres de Rerum Sublimium Arcanis Abditis) annotations, and critical readings by

by Jean Bodin, translated with an introduction, Marion Leathers Daniels Kuntz

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