White Magic

Persuasions of the Witch's Craft: Ritual Magic in Contemporary England

by T.M. Luhrmann

Chaste Lovers

Count d'Orgel's Ball

by Raymond Radiguet, translated by Annapaola Cancogni, foreword by Jean Cocteau

Making Way for Hitler

How War Came: The Immediate Origins of the Second World War, 1938–1939

by Donald Cameron Watt

Chamberlain and Roosevelt: British Foreign Policy and the United States, 1937–1940

by William R. Rock

Der Eisbrecher: Hitler in Stalins Kalkül

by Viktor Suworow

Trickster Tales

The Terrible Twos

by Ishmael Reed

The Terrible Threes

by Ishmael Reed

The Free-Lance Pallbearers: An Irreverent Novel

by Ishmael Reed

Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down

by Ishmael Reed

Mumbo Jumbo

by Ishmael Reed

The Last Days of Louisiana Red

by Ishmael Reed

New and Collected Poems

by Ishmael Reed

Writin' Is Fightin': Thirty-Seven Years of Boxing on Paper

by Ishmael Reed

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In Bed with Social Science

Sex and Morality in the U.S.: An Empirical Enquiry under the Auspices of the Kinsey Institute

by Albert D. Klassen and Colin J. Williams and Eugene E. Levitt, edited by Hubert J. O'Gorman

The Prophet

Arnold J. Toynbee: A Life

by William H. McNeill

Mr. Memory

The Bellarosa Connection

by Saul Bellow

How the North Nearly Lost

Two Great Rebel Armies: An Essay in Confederate Military History

by Richard M. McMurry

Stonewall Jackson: Portrait of a Soldier

by John Bowers

The Civil War Papers of George B. McClellan: Selected Correspondence, 1860–-1865

edited by Stephen W. Sears

Fighting for the Confederacy: The Personal Recollections of General Edward Porter Alexander

edited by Gary W. Gallagher

Her Majesty’s Secret

The Enchanted Glass: Britain and its Monarchy

by Tom Nairn

Outside Baseball

Summer of '49

by David Halberstam

The Progress of the Seasons: Forty Years of Baseball in Our Town

by George V. Higgins

Necessities: Racial Barriers in American Sports

by Philip M. Hoose

Blackball Stars: Negro League Pioneers

by John B. Holway

Crash: The Life and Times of Dick Allen

by Dick Allen and Tim Whitaker

The Story of My Life

by Hank Greenberg, edited and with an introduction by Ira Berkow

Out of the Blue

by Orel Hershiser, with Jerry B. Jenkins

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Who Killed George Polk?

The Salonika Bay Murder: Cold War Politics and the Polk Affair

by Edmund Keeley

Affirmative Action: The New Look

Eliminating Racism: Profiles in Controversy

edited by Phyllis A. Katz, edited by Dalmas A. Taylor

Freshman Admissions at Berkeley: A Policy for the 1990s and Beyond Division, Academic Senate, University of California

a Report by the Committee on Admissions and Enrollment, Berkeley and Jerome Karabel chairman

Choosing a College: A Guide for Parents and Students

by Thomas Sowell

The Case Against the SAT

by James Crouse and Dale Trusheim

Blacks in College: A Comparative Study of Students' Success in Black and in White Institutions

by Jacqueline Fleming

A Common Destiny: Blacks and American Society

edited by Gerald David Jaynes, edited by Robin M. Williams Jr.

Visions of a Better Way: A Black Appraisal of Public Schooling

by the Committee on Policy for Racial Justice, prepared by Sara Lawrence Lightfoot, preface by John Hope Franklin

Minorities in Higher Education

edited by Reginald Wilson, edited by Deborah J. Carter

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