The Last of the Tzaddiks

What is a decent human being supposed to do in the face of devastating threats to human dignity and basic human rights?

Rooted Cosmopolitans: Jews and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century

by James Loeffler

The Wall and the Gate: Israel, Palestine, and the Legal Battle for Human Rights

by Michael Sfard, translated from the Hebrew by Maya Johnston

Through a Glass Darkly

Part of what distinguishes artists is the way they transcend their personal preoccupations by making aesthetic order out of the inner disorder that is our common human lot

Philip Roth (1933–2018)

Though two generations separated us, I felt that he spoke directly to me or, in some mystical, incoherent sense, spoke from somewhere inside my brain.

Left Behind

Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis

by J.D. Vance

What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia

by Elizabeth Catte

Ramp Hollow: The Ordeal of Appalachia

by Steven Stoll

Sex Changes in Turkey

Transgender and gay identities have gone through three stages in Turkish history.

Zionist Regrets

Gershom Scholem: Master of the Kabbalah

by David Biale

Gershom Scholem: From Berlin to Jerusalem and Back

by Noam Zadoff, translated from the Hebrew by Jeffrey Green

Greetings from Angelus: Poems

by Gershom Scholem, translated from the German by Richard Sieburth, with an introduction and annotations by Steven M. Wasserstrom

The Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Gershom Scholem

edited by Marie Luise Knott and translated from the German by Anthony David

Werner Scholem: A German Life

by Mirjam Zadoff, translated from the German by Dona Geyer

The Truth about the Killing Fields

The Army and the Indonesian Genocide: Mechanics of Mass Murder

by Jess Melvin

The Killing Season: A History of the Indonesian Massacres, 1965–66

by Geoffrey B. Robinson

A Cavalier Collection

Charles I: King and Collector

an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, January 27–April 15, 2018

The White King: Charles I, Traitor, Murderer, Martyr

by Leanda de Lisle

One Decent Man

Simon Leys: Navigator Between Worlds

by Philippe Paquet, translated from the French by Julie Rose

Danse Macabre

Christopher King’s ‘Lament from Epirus: An Odyssey into Europe’s Oldest Surviving Folk Music’

Lament from Epirus: An Odyssey into Europe’s Oldest Surviving Folk Music

by Christopher C. King

Kitsos Harisiadis: Lament in a Deep Style, 1929–1931

an album produced by Christopher King with Vassilis Georganos

While You Live, Shine

a documentary film directed by Paul Duane

Staying the Invisible Hand

Straight Talk on Trade: Ideas for a Sane World Economy

by Dani Rodrik

God on Our Side

Crusade and Jihad: The Thousand-Year War between the Muslim World and the Global North

by William R. Polk

Wrongfully Convicted

Anatomy of Innocence: Testimonies of the Wrongfully Convicted

edited by Laura Caldwell and Leslie S. Klinger, with an introduction by Scott Turow and Barry Scheck

Blind Injustice: A Former Prosecutor Exposes the Psychology and Politics of Wrongful Convictions

by Mark Godsey

The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist: A True Story of Injustice in the American South

by Radley Balko and Tucker Carrington, with a foreword by John Grisham

He Calls Me by Lightning: The Life of Caliph Washington and the Forgotten Saga of Jim Crow, Southern Justice, and the Death Penalty

by S. Jonathan Bass

Berlin, Paramount

How Did Lubitsch Do It?

by Joseph McBride

The Bugs Are Winning

‘Superbugs: An Arms Race Against Bacteria’ by William Hall, Anthony McDonnell, and Jim O’Neill

Superbugs: An Arms Race Against Bacteria

by William Hall, Anthony McDonnell, and Jim O’Neill

Roman Holidays

‘Baroque Antiquity: Archaeological Imagination in Early Modern Europe’ by Victor Plahte Tschudi

Baroque Antiquity: Archaeological Imagination in Early Modern Europe

by Victor Plahte Tschudi

Making Room for God

Liberalism’s Religion

by Cécile Laborde

Secularism: Politics, Religion, and Freedom

by Andrew Copson

The Meaning of Belief: Religion from an Atheist’s Point of View

by Tim Crane

You Old Dog!

Sigrid Nunez’s novel ‘The Friend’

The Friend

by Sigrid Nunez

It Can Happen Here

How habituation, confusion, distraction, self-interest, fear, rationalization, and a sense of personal powerlessness make terrible things possible

They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933–45

by Milton Mayer, with a new afterword by Richard J. Evans

Broken Lives: How Ordinary Germans Experienced the Twentieth Century

by Konrad H. Jarausch

Ecstatic Truth

A Dark Stranger

by Julien Gracq, translated from the French by Christopher Moncrieff

Château d’Argol

by Julien Gracq, translated from the French by Louise Varèse

The Opposing Shore

by Julien Gracq, translated from the French by Richard Howard

Balcony in the Forest

by Julien Gracq, translated from the French and with a foreword by Richard Howard

The Greatest Show on Earth

Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History

by Kurt Andersen

Bunk: The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phonies, Post-Facts, and Fake News

by Kevin Young


by Lee McIntyre

‘Pity Is Treason’

A Genealogy of Terror in Eighteenth-Century France

by Ronald Schechter

Rootless Cosmopolitans

In Search of the Phoenicians

by Josephine Crawley Quinn

A Deathly Hush

How Paul Kagame and the Rwandan Patriotic Front obscured Washington’s role in a particularly bloody period of central African history

In Praise of Blood: The Crimes of the Rwandan Patriotic Front

by Judi Rever

History from a High Angle

The films of Masaki Kobayashi

A Dream of Resistance: The Cinema of Kobayashi Masaki

by Stephen Prince

Brave Spaces

Five recent books address hate speech, censorship, and free expression on campus

Free Speech on Campus

by Sigal R. Ben-Porath

Free Speech on Campus

by Erwin Chemerinsky and Howard Gillman

We Demand: The University and Student Protests

by Roderick A. Ferguson

Safe Spaces, Brave Spaces: Diversity and Free Expression in Education

by John Palfrey, with a foreword by Alberto Ibargüen

The Case for Contention: Teaching Controversial Issues in American Schools

by Jonathan Zimmerman and Emily Robertson

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