Oil: A Solution

Energy Future

edited by Robert Stobaugh, edited by Daniel Yergin

Playing Stendhal

A Lion for Love: A Critical Biography of Stendhal

by Robert Alter, in collaboration with Carol Cosman

The Legal Revolutionary

The Lawful Revolution: Louis Kossuth and the Hungarians, 1848-1849

by Istvan Deak

Out of the Labyrinth

Spain: Dictatorship to Democracy

by Raymond Carr and Juan Pablo Fusi

The Wars of D.H. Lawrence

The Letters of D.H. Lawrence Volume 1: September 1901-May 1913

edited by James T. Boulton

D.H. Lawrence's Nightmare: The Writer and His Circle in the Years of the Great War

by Paul Delany

Lives and Letters: A.R. Orage, Beatrice Hastings, Katherine Mansfield, John Middleton Murry, and S.S. Koteliansky, 1906-1957

by John Carswell

Meet Mr. Right

An American Renaissance: A Strategy for the 1980s

by Jack Kemp

High Spirits

Thomas Merton: Monk and Poet

by George Woodcock

The Seven Storey Mountain

by Thomas Merton

Love and Living

by Thomas Merton, edited by Naomi Burton Stone and Patrick Hart

Hooray for Monsters

Secret Rendezvous

by Kobo Abe, translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter


The Second Coming: Popular Millenarianism 1780-1850

by J.F.C. Harrison

The Heavy Fantastic

The Language of the Night: Essays on Fantasy and Science Fiction

by Ursula K. LeGuin, edited and with introductions by Susan Wood

Fantastic Worlds: Myths, Tales and Stories

edited and with commentaries by Eric S. Rabkin

The Heart in Hiding

Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Biography

by Paddy Kitchen

The Finger and the Ear

I, Rembrandt

by David Weiss

City of God: A Novel of the Borgias

by Cecelia Holland

The Virtues of Plato

Plato: The Written and Unwritten Doctrines

by J.N. Findlay

Plato and Platonism: An Introduction

by J.N. Findlay

Plato's Moral Theory: The Early and Middle Dialogues

by Terence Irwin

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