The Impersonator

On Jeremy Thorpe and ‘A Very English Scandal’

A Very English Scandal

a television series written by Russell T. Davies and directed by Stephen Frears

Time Regained

Almost Nothing: The 20th-Century Art and Life of Józef Czapski

by Eric Karpeles

Inhuman Land: Searching for the Truth in Soviet Russia, 1941–1942

by Józef Czapski, translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones and with an introduction by Timothy Snyder

Lost Time: Lectures on Proust in a Soviet Prison Camp

by Józef Czapski, translated from the French and with an introduction by Eric Karpeles

Hive Mentalities

Thor Hanson’s ‘Buzz: The Nature and Necessity of Bees’ and Lisa Margonelli’s ‘Underbug: An Obsessive Tale of Termites and Technology’

Buzz: The Nature and Necessity of Bees

by Thor Hanson

Underbug: An Obsessive Tale of Termites and Technology

by Lisa Margonelli

Damn It All

‘The Penguin Book of Hell,’ edited by Scott G. Bruce

The Penguin Book of Hell

edited by Scott G. Bruce

Prodigal Fathers

Colm Tóibín’s ‘Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know: The Fathers of Wilde, Yeats and Joyce’

Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know: The Fathers of Wilde, Yeats and Joyce

by Colm Tóibín

Two Roads for the New French Right

Something new is happening on the European right, and it involves more than xenophobic populist outbursts.

‘A Born Contrarian’

For the subversive, modest, trenchant Bertolt Brecht, a poem is simply the most stringent and economical mode of presenting an argument.

The Collected Poems of Bertolt Brecht

translated from the German and edited by Tom Kuhn and David Constantine

A World Winking with Messages

The Eerdmans Encyclopedia of Early Christian Art and Archaeology

edited by Paul Corby Finney

Hagia Sophia and the Byzantine Aesthetic Experience

by Nadine Schibille

‘It’s What We Do’

In Extremis: The Life and Death of the War Correspondent Marie Colvin

by Lindsey Hilsum

A Private War: Marie Colvin and Other Tales of Heroes, Scoundrels, and Renegades

by Marie Brenner

A Private War

a film directed by Matthew Heineman

Under the Wire: Marie Colvin’s Final Assignment

by Paul Conroy

Under the Wire

a documentary film directed by Chris Martin

La Mort est ma servante: Lettre à un ami assassiné, Syrie 2005–2013 [Death Is My Servant: Letter to a Murdered Friend: Syria, 2005–2013]

by Jean-Pierre Perrin

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Simple Answers to Profound Questions

The Personality Brokers: The Strange History of Myers-Briggs and the Birth of Personality Testing

by Merve Emre

The Master Recycler

Around 1730 Johann Sebastian Bach began to recycle his earlier works in a major way.

Listening to Bach: The Mass in B Minor and the Christmas Oratorio

by Daniel R. Melamed

The Prophet of Envy

On the enduring relevance of René Girard’s thought to our social and political realities

Evolution of Desire: A Life of René Girard

by Cynthia L. Haven

Evolution and Conversion: Dialogues on the Origins of Culture

by René Girard, with Pierpaolo Antonella and João Cesar de Castro Rocha

Deceit, Desire, and the Novel

by René Girard, translated from the French by Yvonne Freccero

Violence and the Sacred

by René Girard, translated from the French by Patrick Gregory

Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World

by René Girard, translated from the French by Stephen Bonn and Michael Metteer

A Theater of Envy: William Shakespeare

by René Girard

Battling to the End: Conversations with Benoît Chantre

by René Girard, translated from the French by Mary Baker

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Sing, Goddess

On ‘The Silence of the Girls’ by Pat Barker and ‘Circe’ by Madeline Miller

The Silence of the Girls

by Pat Barker


by Madeline Miller

Founding Frenemies

Friends Divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

by Gordon S. Wood

Is It Like Japan Yet?

Van Gogh and Japan

by Louis van Tilborgh, Nienke Bakker, Cornelia Homburg, Tsukasa Kōdera, and Chris Uhlenbeck, with a contribution by Claire Guitton

Japan’s Love for Impressionism: From Monet to Renoir

edited by the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany

One Hundred Years of Destruction

RAF: The Birth of the World’s First Air Force

by Richard Overy

Aerial Warfare: The Battle for the Skies

by Frank Ledwidg

Regulate It, Man

One of the few issues that many Americans can agree on in 2018 is, improbably, marijuana legalization.

Grass Roots: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Marijuana in America

by Emily Dufton

No Mistakes

Michael Curtiz: A Life in Film

by Alan K. Rode

We’ll Always Have Casablanca: The Life, Legend, and Afterlife of Hollywood’s Most Beloved Movie

by Noah Isenberg

In the Valley of Fear

In the San Joaquin Valley, workers live in terror of instant deportation or imprisonment that would wrench them from their children.

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